Online gambling

online gambling

Vietnam’s gaming industry has expanded its business in the online casino business. With plans to target Chinese gamblers who are now paying a lot of attention to online gambling. in the face of reality The purpose of our world has changed a lot. Gambling globalization will never stop growing. Makes the policies of Southeast Asian countries regarding the possibility of opening an online casino and casino continues to face challenges The main area surrounded by This “gambling ground” is China where gambling is banned, which today China’s main neighbor Vietnam is also keen to move.

Since the late 20th century, the rush of neighboring countries to set up casinos has seriously affected each other’s emotions. At present, in addition to Vietnam and Myanmar, Malaysia, the Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore and even Russia, North Korea and Northern Mongolia, there are more or less casinos, big or small.

“Good gambling” and good gambling have long been the image of Chinese overseas. The reason the neighboring countries are so hot and active is that they hope to be able to replicate casinos with the world’s number one casino revenue, attracting wealthy people to increase their income and hopefully earn. large share of games Looking for impetus to develop the country’s economy

Two sources familiar with Vietnam’s parliament matter revealed to Reuters that The Vietnamese government has studied legal gambling. And it plans to launch a pilot project in the near future to build a casino on Yundun Island in Quang Ninh province near China. The guest also allowed Vietnamese people to legally operate gambling games. The Vietnamese government is committed to legalizing gambling to attract tens of billions of dollars in investment from casino developers and international gaming companies. It is understood that the National Assembly of Vietnam will review the relevant bills in the near future.

Vietnamese are forbidden from gambling.

Most of the Vietnamese are gamblers. But at present, few casinos in China are open to foreigners or Chinese citizens living abroad only, Vietnamese are prohibited from participating in gambling activities and can place bets at Participate in secret card games or bet on European football matches through illegal bookmakers. However, many people are worried that when online gambling is legal. Many people in Vietnam are heavily in debt. and causing more social problems But in any case, if the above bill is passed, it will attract investment from large casino developers and gaming companies such as Las Vegas Sands, Genting Group, Golden Circle Holdings. and Penn NationalGaming.

Chinese gamblers are important targets.

This is largely due to Vietnam’s geographic location better than just a few hours away from many major Asian cities and also by wealthy Chinese gamblers.
In addition, as many as two-thirds of Vietnam’s 90 million fast-growing 90 million are young people under 30, according to a recent report by Boston Consulting, the middle class with the most spending power in Vietnam will double. In 2020, one of the most attractive conditions for investors

The gaming industry points out that if the Vietnamese government relaxes gambling rules, annual gaming revenue could reach $3 billion, which is just half of Singapore’s gaming revenue last year but 10 times that. Cambodia’s game, which is equivalent to the Philippines and South Korea. Gaming revenue means that Vietnam has the potential to become a next-generation gaming center in the region.