What types of VISA are there and what is a passport

There are 6 main types of visas

  1. Type of person traveling through the Kingdom
  2. Type of tourist
  3. Type of temporary stay person
  4. Type of diplomat
  5. Type of government service
  6. Type of hospitable person

To put it simply, a passport is like a national ID card for use all over the world. As for the visa, it is a pass in immigration When we are going to travel to the attractions that it was. which in some places will collect entrance fee Check your bags and check your accessories before entering. In this case, a วีซ่าเข้าไทย is required. Some places do not have, we can walk in without asking, which in each country will specify the time. Some countries can enter for 15 days without requesting

some countries have 30 days. Then the visa will have a specified time. that the request has been used for how many times and how many days Called in a nutshell this many people would understand. It’s more about visas and passports, so you won’t get confused that it’s the same one. For a trip abroad, today we will talk about. Applying for a visa for Those who do not know how to get a visa and how to do it Because many people who are new to traveling abroad for the first time often encounter problems with obtaining a visa that does not know what to do. For traveling abroad, we usually need to have travel documents ready, that is

  1. Passport
  2. Visa (Visa) to enter that country in the passport
  3. Airfare
  4. Money for spending which has been converted to the local currency or the currency of that country, ready for use