Learn the history of slots.

The history of slots until changing to online slots

Online gambling at the moment is available to play a lot. Whether it’s football or casinos are considered very popular. Both with more online promotion. And with developed technology that makes players more comfortable. For this chapter, we will tell you some good things and techniques about playing the most popular casino games. That slot game how to play to get money What are the techniques?

History before coming into online slot games

In the beginning, before the slots game was not yet born in the year 1985, someone gave birth to the world’s first slot machine. The man named Charles Frey built a slot machine with a mechanical control system. by using the lever as a set And there are random payouts. The first slot machine was built in Florida, California. In America, Charles Frey named the slot machine Liberty Bell. It was a three-bar slot. The jackpot prize is set at 50 cents only. But at the time it was probably quite a lot of money. After that, Liberty Bell slot machines were placed in various restaurants in the city and became more known.

From a slot machine to a fruit slot machine

Later in the year 1902 Slot machines in America are illegal. Because it is considered a gamble, Charles Frey has changed the format of his new slot machine. By allowing the slot machine to be displayed in the form of fruit and gum, with the prize being paid in a pack of gum instead. And it works. Slot machines have been placed in restaurants. to various bars expanding into different cities until it is popular all over the world.

The change has begun again, switching to progressive slots.

After that, the slot machine has changed again. from using the lever to control the mechanism directly It was changed to an electric system to control all mechanisms directly. but still maintain the same lever Because manufacturers have thought after the psychology that When the player has the lever, he will be like the one who can control the slot machine. And there is a connection to every slot machine that is set up. in order to get a percentage share from every coin dropped to keep for the jackpot prize jackpot amount therefore more than before, respectively. This makes slots even more popular gambling games.

The slot machine was switched to a computer to control.

After that, in the 90’s, there was another change in slot machines. This time, it was all managed by the computer system. and has changed from a lever to a button that controls playback instead And with the abundance of slot machines in different casinos, the jackpot prize is even higher. Slot machines have become more popular. It can be called the golden age of slot machines that has it all. Even having organized a tournament to play slots. where the stake will be determined And in the end, whoever has the most money left wins. The prize money at that time was more than a million dollars.

Up to the present day with online slots

at present Slot machines are considered less popular over time. Because now the slot machine has been developed into an online slot game. Let people play through the computer. or the smartphone is gone can connect via internet and can be played all over the world There are more than a hundred types of game formats to choose from. Can try to play pg slots, which makes it more responsive to slot players. Without having to play monotonously with beautiful graphics. And the realistic sound system makes it look like the player has actually gone to play at a real

casino. How to play online slots?

Online slots are similar to slot machines. Just that playing online slots has a lot more games to choose from. The steps are simple as follows.

§ First, let us choose the game that we want to play first. Because online slots come in many forms, whether it’s 3 reels or 5 reels, this depends on the player to choose to play. And there are many lines in the prize payout. Let us win more than the traditional slot machine or try playing pg slots. before you can actually play After entering the game, let us choose the bet that will be posted. After that, press on the spin button to start the game.

§ The game will keep spinning. Wait until the game stops. When the game stops, let us observe the symbols in the game whether they match the paying lines or not. If the game’s symbols match the payline, we win the game and see how much we get paid on our investment.