Simple principles in Dragon Tiger

The online Dragon Tiger game has a betting style similar to that of Baccarat. But the difference is that the Dragon Tiger game uses only one card per side to decide the outcome of winning or losing, not drawing a second additional card or The third card is like a baccarat game. Therefore, Dragon Tiger card game is another game that takes

time to bet quickly. If the gambler is a person who likes to bet, know the result of losing and winning quickly. Recommended to play Tiger Dragon online card game.

For the advantage of the host or the online casino dealer. Playing Tiger and Dragon cards has a lower house advantage, or in other words, the player’s chances of winning in Dragon Tiger are less than playing Baccarat. But there is a game of Dragon Tiger with a simpler principle than the Kara game.

The Dragon Tiger game has a simple principle, which is for the gambler to guess which side of the card between the Tiger and the Dragon will have more points. will be the winner immediately This will record both the latest and past bet results, known as the statistics table. Like most Baccarat cards. It is an advantage that we can look at the

cards from the record results of the Dragon Tiger game in the same way as the Baccarat game.

The table recording the results of the Dragon Tiger, analyze the game format to place bets. Will help to predict the card that will come out in the next turn, which consists of 3 types of bet results, namely Tiger wins or Dragon wins or draw results.